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Storm proof your home and add value with a roof restoration

  Recommendations for IBR and Corrugated steel roofs Step1: Prepare and clean the area. Step2: Fasten sheeting to structure. Step3: A support board is laid over the metal sheeting offering added strength to system and at solid support f

Recommendations for Concrete slabs Step 1: Prepare and clean the area Step 2: Coat the roof with a solvent base bitumen primer to ensure a dust free surface and also to provide excellent adhesion. Step 3: Burn a new 4mm dual reinforced torch

Recommendations for Balcony Waterproofing Step1: Prepare and clean the area. Step2: Remove existing floor tiles if there is any Step3: Coat the balcony with a solvent bitumen primer. Step4: Burn a new 4mm dual reinforced torch-on waterproofi

Recommendations for Metal Roof Restoration Step1: Hydro wash metal roof clean or grind roof to remove all flaking paint. Step2: Replace sheets where rust is beyond treating Step3: Replace rusty nails or roof screws Step4: Apply an ant-corrosive

Recommendations for Tile Roof Coating and Waterproofing Step1: Replace all cracked and broken roof tiles, even tiles with hair line cracks are replaced. Step2: Hydro-wash the entire roof clean with a high pressure water blaster removing all mou

We do all types of roof repairs Roof Sagging New timber replacement Brocken roof tiles Roof Extentions Valley Iron Replacements Flashings

Fascia Boards Step1: Remove old existing fascia boards. Step2: Install new treated timber. Step3: Repair all rotten gable timber. Step4: Install new fascia boards on gable ends Step5: Paint fascia boards 2 coats of quality paint. - &

  We do all types of damp proofing. Rising damp Lateral damp Penetrating damp Basements Tanking and damp proofing plaster. Rising damp.   Step 1: Remove all affected plaster. Step2: brush wall to remove all residue. S
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