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Recommendations for Balcony Waterproofing

Step1: Prepare and clean the area.

Step2: Remove existing floor tiles if there is any Step3: Coat the balcony with a solvent bitumen primer.

Step4: Burn a new 4mm dual reinforced torch-on waterproofing membrane over the balcony. Step5: Screed surface for retiling.

We also waterproof balconies with cementitious waterproofing system combined with polyfeld


About the product: this system is applied by means of torch-on fusion gas weld application method. With 80mm overlaps & 100mm cross laps. This torch on is designed around tough high performance synthetic fiber reinforcement and coated with quality polymer modified bitumen. It is extremely durable with high elasticity and good low temperature stability as well as having excellent resistance to thermal shock, and the effect of ageing and UV degradation.

We also waterproof showers and flower box.

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Waterproofing for Balcony

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